i’ve been sitting here thinking about my dcmb and just going through different details and how i might want things to play out

and i don’t know how i didn’t realize this before but this is definitely going to be a very psychological, emotional piece

like getting into emotional abuse and alcoholism

and i might even be exploring [redacted] from an autistic perspective? i’m not sure yet, but if i did it would be asperger’s, as this is the one i have the most experience with

but yeah

this might end up being a lot harder than i thought it would

  1. bright-eyes-and-pinstripes said: that sounds interesting, especially the bit about writing from an autistic perspective (i’m autistic so I like reading that kind of thing, especially if it’s a fic where Cas is written as autistic or something), anyway, good luck with your writing (:
  2. lashlights said: that sounds really exciting though!! I hope it’s a lot of fun to write
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